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Emotional journal writing

This is emotional writing that is just for you. This is very similar to free writing. You are writing whatever comes into your head. DO NOT worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation at this point. Just write! This is typically the kind of writing that occurs when emotion is behind it. For example, you are mad, sad, upset, elated, etc., so you need to write. Get the negative emotions out of you and down on paper! Keep the happy emotions flowing by putting them on paper!

I have pages in my old journals that just have one four-letter word written on them. I was very upset that night, but just writing that word in big, angry letters helped calm me.

I have read and watched videos that suggest burning the pages on which you wrote your negative emotions. However, I have kept many of my journals because my negative emotions sparked poetic creations. I would suggest that you do what feels right to you. If you feel like burning it (in a controlled environment, of course), then please do. Energy will be released and transformed in that way also. I believe that the energy is transformed when you simply let it flow from your energetic self through your pen/pencil the paper.

However, If you choose to keep your pages, I would caution you against re-reading those pages and being sucked back into the situation. The idea is to release the negativity and transform it into something positive (maybe poetry, maybe a blog page...who knows?).

Years ago, my fiance passed away unexpectedly. I wrote to release the pain I felt on a minute, hourly, and daily basis. I kept my old journals not only because of the poetry I began to create in them, but also out of a sense of closeness to my late fiance. I wasn't ready to release that energy. Much of this was fear-based because as contradictory as it sounds, I was afraid I would forget the pain, the sadness, and the grief.

Recently, I decided that it is time to release that energy. It does not serve me. I do not need to be sucked back into that version of me. I have elevated since being that person anyway. I am not her anymore. (Actually, I am not the same person I was yesterday, but that is another posting.)

Again, I would stress that burning your writing or your journals should be done in your own time.

The flip side: writing is not just for the sad, depressed, or negative emotions. When my son was born, I was so overjoyed. During the day, I would feel that I was floundering as a mother. But at night, just before bed, I would nurse him, sing to him, and read to him. It was quiet and peaceful in that time. I wrote a poem to him titled, "My Favorite Time of Day." It was about putting him to bed and having that closeness just before sleep. That was a piece of writing that was also full of emotion - love, an unconditional love I hoped would never go away


Feel free to watch video below on writing and it's link to the subconscious. It is really amazing!


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