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About Wonderfully Weird Healing


Why the name Wonderfully Weird?

Weird was one of those words that I have been called many times in my life. For much of my life I felt “different” from others. I believe in magic. I like reading about magical creatures, witches, sea monsters, wizards, ghosts, hauntings…basically anything that is other-worldly is my thing.  

I have been a teacher for 17 years. I thought I was over the whole “being different” thing, but apparently not. Even as recently as last school year, a student (well, more than one actually) said, “You are so weird!” I felt hurt as old triggers from former school mates crawled back into my head. I just couldn’t seem to get past the word – WEIRD.

That is until recently. A friend of mine, Sonia, said that when she was in school, if someone said that another person was weird, the teacher and other students would add “and wonderful.” Since Sonia told me that short little story, if I heard someone say, “that’s weird” I would add (either out loud or in my head), “And wonderful.”

I began to embrace being “weird.” I used to equate the word weird with strange, different, odd, outcast…all negative words. I looked up the word and other synonyms were unconventional, grotesque, and eccentric. All of these words imply “You don’t fit in. You are not normal.” That was all I ever really wanted to do was fit in.  I kept looking at the definition and other synonyms. "Suggesting something supernatural; uncanny" are definitions of weird. I also found words like mysterious, mystifying, and magical. Umm…okay!  I would love to be any of those.

So here I am with this new-found acceptance of me – just being me…weird and wonderful.  I am all of those awesome words (magical, mystifying, etc.) that really resonated with me and within my soul. I went a step further and reframed what the word weird could mean to me. I came up with the acronym W.E.I.R.D. to mean Where Energy and Intuition Reside Daily. That felt right. That felt like me - weird.

I began thinking that there might be other “weird” people out there who need to hear my story or who need healing in a wonderfully weird way. When I refer to you, me, and others as being wonderfully weird, I mean that we are the extraordinarily magical beings we were meant to be. Okay, so not everyone is weird. Some are ordinary and boring. We are, however, meant to stand out. We are unique, quirky, beautiful souls who have realized that we can and should allow our souls to sing.

So my wonderfully weird people: sing your song. It will not resonate with everyone, but those who are like you will hear your soul song. They will respond. They will be your people, your tribe, your soul family.  There are others like you – like us - who are just waiting to hear your soul sing or see your light shine. Do not dim your light to help others feel comfortable. Shine brightly! Sing loudly! Be wonderfully weird! Stand in your truth!  BE YOU – Wonderful and Weird!

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