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Elevate yourself above the storm

I was on a 4.5 hour flight back from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas when I saw storm clouds. They were fluffy and dark. As I observed the clouds, I saw lightning bolts strike from the clouds to the ground - to some unknown (at least to me) location. There was lightning within the clouds that made the clouds illuminate brightly.

In that moment I realized that had I been down on the ground, it would be dark and dreary. Rain would be coming down. Lightning and thunder would be all around me. I would be engulfed in the storm; however, I was in an airplane. I was flying around the storm. I was above the storm. I was not in it at all. I could see it. I could appreciate it for what it was...a passing storm.

Our lives are like this scenario. Where do we choose to be when the storm clouds of negativity, fear, or depression come? Do we choose to be surrounded by the chaos of those energies, or can we elevate to above them? Is it possible to see the gift in our triggers?

How can we elevate? We can take a deep breath (or more as necessary). We can remove ourselves from the situation. We can journal. We can find solidarity in friends who support us. We can gift ourselves with kind self-talk. We can walk in nature. We can ground. We can listen to our favorite song. Anything that changes our vibration to something more joyful or empowering helps us elevate. Anything that activates our heart space elevates us. Of course any of those actions must not inflict physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional harm on another being.

We continue to raise our vibration until we have elevated ourselves to the point that the negativity or fear can be appreciated for what it is...a way for us to learn about and love ourselves. Eventually, we can see those storm clouds of the past for what they were - a passing storm.

When we elevate, we are able to look at the deluge of the storm from the vantage point of the airplane passing by. We are not in it. Our vibration has raised so high that we cannot even see where the lightning strikes ground. We can see that there is sunshine just on the other side.

The question is: do we wait for the storm to pass us or do we choose to elevate above it OR do we need to change our perception of the storm?


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