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Sat on the Rocks

Coaching Session

Dedicated to You

What to expect: 
We will talk about whatever is on your mind or what you feel is weighing you down. Sessions are intuitive meaning that I listen to you and to my intuition about how might be the best way to raise your vibration. My goal is to serve you in the highest good of all. I will most likely give you homework for the week. The homework again is intuitive and collaborative. I will ask you what you feel would be the best way to maintain your new vibration. It may be through meditation, journal writing, breathing practice, awareness, or other actions that best suit you.

​Sessions typically last about an hour. Choose a price plan that works for you and fits your lifestyle to determine how many sessions you might like to commit to. 

Coaching is ideal option for those who are ready for change. If you ready to commit to serious growth, then let's do this! More frequent and consecutive sessions allow you to really dig into roots, beliefs, and patterns that may be disrupting your life. They also allow you to release all unwanted energies that no longer serve you. 

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