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Read past client reviews to discover how Jennifer has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they sought it, and you can do the same. Contact Jennifer today!

Jennifer is a truly gifted coach. She has an ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable sharing the things you are struggling with. What is amazing is her propensity to tap into the source of your challenges and help open your eyes to where it could be coming from and how to see things differently. I was struggling with a career situation and unsure if I was viewing things the “right” way – talking to Jennifer provided validation to some of what I was wrestling with, clarity on next steps, and she filled me up with encouragement and love to go make it happen! Her style is warm, kind, thoughtful, inquisitive, and so full of love. If you are struggling with challenges in your life, unsure how to proceed, or just need a little guidance on where to focus – I highly recommend Jennifer! She is a gifted Love & Authenticity Practitioner whose intuitively guided approach will leave you feeling heard and loved, with better clarity, and a clear action plan!

Meleah, Kansas; Life Coaching

 I had two sessions with Jenn on the phone, the first one on May 1 and the second one on May 8.  We spoke for an hour on each call.  At the end of each call she gave me "homework" for the next week.  The homework was an accumulation of things that we had spoke about during our call.  It was thought provoking and entailed that I write a letter to the person I was having a conflict with, and the second letter was to myself as a young girl.  What advice would I give myself as I grew up?  That letter was difficult to write, as I had to reach into myself and think about some things that were unpleasant.   I feel that Jenn was able to correctly identify where a lot of my problems were stemming from and she helped me identify those specifically.  To be honest, without her help, I doubt that I would have ever been able to sort through all the "clutter" in my mind to finally make peace with how I felt about certain things that have happened in my lifetime.  She gave me permission to give those feelings back to the offender. . . "Return to sender with love and light. . ."  (I have that written on Post-Its in several places in my house!)

     The other thing I found helpful with Jenn, is the tone of her voice.  Just her tone was calming to me and allowed me to trust myself to answer the questions she posed to me. She is pleasant to speak to, and she was able to redirect me when I started to get off track.  She is knowledgeable about the subject matter and I enjoyed speaking to her very much and I believe she has found her calling!

Kathy S., Nevada; Life Coaching

Good morning! I Just wanted to say, I loved this “Get to the Root” Movement!! The whole message behind the movement and the name of it itself. I had my one on one session with Jennifer this past weekend and it was such a great decision!! It was so helpful and eye opening!! We got to “the root” of some of my triggers from my childhood and I was able to see why I am sometimes triggered and my old patterns start to show up when it no longer serves me. Yet, sometimes we hold onto old behaviors because that is what we are familiar with, therefore we tend to automatically respond the way we do. Get that key out, and be aware of your thoughts! I highly recommend this session for those who feel like they need a soul sister/brother to help point you in the right direction and be a catalyst to your own healing. We all have the answers within our little monkey brain and sometimes you just need a “soul friend” to hold your hand and tell you that you are so loved, that you are ok and beautiful just the way you are, and you just need a gentle guidance! It’s kinda like bowling in life with the bumpers on. 😂😂😂 I wish this program could stay open all the time! It gives people an opportunity to see how the life coaching works at a small investment towards yourself, which is so well deserved!! Self care at a trial price. Brilliant!! I think everyone should do this, even if you don’t really need it. It is all for a great cause and movement. It’s an hour out of your life and it will make a huge difference to all involved. Gives you more insight, gives the new graduates from coaching program a chance to perfect their craft, and money towards Hustle and Heart Event.
A win win situation!! Get on the train and begin freeing yourself from the old you!! Thank you Jennifer, I love you!!😜👍🙏❤️🤗🌈🦋

Amy R., New York; Life Coaching

Two weeks ago Jennifer ran Access Bars on me...ever since lots of things have changed and happened for the good...I highly recommend trying.

Erin R., California; Access Bars

Jennifer was very professional about letting me know ahead of time what to expect and what I needed to do to prepare. I was so excited about receiving my healing, but as occasionally happens, my last appointment ran over and I wasn’t able to be where I needed to be. In spite of this, I was at least able to be still and relaxed while Jennifer performed her remote healing on me. I was immediately filled with a warmth. It was like getting a hug from an old friend. As the healing continued I felt very relaxed and the ever-present tension in my right leg began to fade. By the time it was over I was relaxed and energized. It was a beautiful experience!!

Shannon T., Georgia; Reiki

My remote Reiki healing session with Jennifer was a wonderfully peaceful and rejuvenating experience. She was clear in her instructions and the shamanic drumming that she had me listen to at the start put me into a meditative, relaxed and receptive state. I had mentioned to her a particular area of my body, my lower back, where I hold a lot in and feel recurrent aches. I felt her first tapping at my crown chakra and then the warm energy started flowing through me. I could definitely feel when the energy went into my lower back and then felt it going down my legs, especially my left leg. At one point my hands were hot. I felt myself drifting off and saw a beautiful purple color enveloping me, I felt her place a pyramid on top of my head and then the image of the labyrinth at Angel Valley in Sedona appeared to me. I had shared a beautiful experience with Jennifer there, along with several other amazing women, and I clearly saw each and every one of their faces. I felt so beautifully connected to each of them and to ALL! Afterwards, Jennifer messaged me to pull me out and we discussed my session. She told me my chakras were beautifully aligned and clean. She confirmed everything I had felt and seen and told me that she felt the energy needed to go into my left leg, especially my knee. I was amazed as I indeed had hurt my left knee a while back, as well as my hip, from working out and I’d had an issue with my left heel years ago. I had never mentioned any of these issues to Jennifer, but she knew the energy needed to go there. I felt completely calm and at peace after my session with the ache in my lower back gone. Since then, my lower back has rarely hurt me. I thoroughly enjoyed my healing session with her and I recommend Jennifer, without reservation, as a Reiki healer. She is gifted and has a wonderful sense of humor to boot!

Tamara G., Geneva, Switzerland; Reiki

I was suffering from headaches and dizziness for weeks. Nothing I tried would relieve my constant pain.
I had heard about Reiki, but I had never tried it. After a session with Jennifer, I experienced freedom from these issues. 
Thank you so much for your your help.
I would recommend Jennifer to anyone needing some healing.

Kathy G., Arizona; Reiki

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