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Let Your 'Ki' Flow

With this healing modality, you will relax in a chair or on a table while soft music plays in the background. You simply need to receive the healing Reiki energy. I will call in the reiki energy and ask that it goes to where you need healing most. I will also balance and clear your chakras during the session. 

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all things. It has been called many things throughout time: life force, ki, chi, Great Spirit, or the Force. However, the idea is the same. It is an energy flow. 

If our flow of energy is stagnant or disrupted, our life typically reflects that stagnation, disruption, or block. When we allow ourselves to flow with the rhythm of the Universe, we generally find that our lives are easier, happier,

and more peaceful. 

Animal reiki:

Animals can suffer from traumas as well. Reiki is a great way to help them heal from surgeries, abuse, or other ailments. Reiki energy will not necessarily change your animals behavior (that will take a trainer), and it should never be used as the sole option for potential health issues (that requires a veterinarian). However, reiki can be used in conjunction with other treatments to facilitate faster healing and balance within the animal. Reiki can help calm an anxious animal to allow the healing to take place. 

Bridge Over River
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